In their last year of high school, three teenage slackers — Zane, James, and Mitch — join together in the fight to do as little work as possible before graduation day arrives.But between the parties, hormones and unwanted body hair, these lifelong best friends receive an unexpected lesson in what it really means to grow up.Sex, Love, and Shakespeare collide in this heartfelt coming-of-age ode to "hangout" films like Dazed and Confused and American Graffiti.

Austin Film Festival


Saturday, October 29th • 9:30pm • Galaxy Theatre (World Premiere!)
Wednesday, November 2nd • 3:30pm • Galaxy Theatre
Thursday, November 3rd • 5:20pm • Galaxy Theatre
Writer/Director and Cast Q&A at all sessions!

Our Story

“I wanted to make a film that captured that adolescent rollercoaster ride. A film that made you remember what it was like to be a teenager again. The best way to do this was to write about my own experiences. I gave the film my name, my friends, my hometown, my vulnerabilities. Everything.The majority of our cast and crew were still in their 20s during filming; The Library Boys is a film made by young people for young people. It took a lot of confidence, hard work, and creativity, but we managed to give ourselves a voice. We never felt like imposters making this film, because it was our story.The film is young, unsure at times, goes through mood swings, and falls in love as fast as it falls out. It is perfect in all its imperfections. It means more to me than I can articulate, and my only hope is that it finds an audience who can take from it as much as I have.”Zane Borg

Writer / Director / ProducerZane Borg
Director of PhotographyBernard Winter


ZANEJack Kenny
JAMESJoe Kenny
MITCHUisce Goriss-Dazeley
CHARLIEPaige Joustra
BETHMia Barrett
BECCAEnna Blake
TILLYMegan Douglas
MR. SPINNOLIJohn McCullough